Wednesday, September 30, 2009

f/8 and be there

The rule used to be, "f/8 and be there." When I left my job at the local television station to move to the local paper, my friends at the station gave me an f/8.

Today's point and shoot cameras have buried the f/8 part of the rule. My little Canon SD10 does not allow one to set an aperture. Aperture?

But being there is still important and if you have a little point and shoot at the ready, you've got your picture.

Is it art? Should I be proud to of today's picture, a picture which owes so much to my choice of camera? Of course it's art and I am proud. I made the choice and clearly I delegated wisely.


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  1. I stumbled upon rockinontheblog today which then lead me here to your photography page. "f/8 and be there" brought back a flood of memories. I was a US Naval Photographer for five years and this was a favorite saying in my photo school back in 1978. I used that standard photographer's prayer pretty often. I even trained my guys to always reset to f/8 after every shot because when you hardly had time to 'point and shoot' f/8 was your best friend. Thanks, I'll be coming back. -Sully