Friday, January 17, 2014

Try a lens a little on the long side

Shooting babies is like shooting anyone. A slightly long lens is preferable to a wide angle. The wide angle will encourage one to get too close to fill the frame. Getting too close will distort the subject's features. Use a slightly long lens, in this case a 105mm when compared to a 35mm SLR.

Using a point and shoot with a long lens, pay careful attention to the shutter speed selected. As one zooms most lenses out, the fastest f/stop available gets progressively slower. The smaller f/stop will demand a slower shutter speed and both subject movement and camera movement can become problems.

The answer can be as simple as restricting one's shooting, or at least concentrating one's shooting, to a moment during the day. Choose locations that are bright, indoors try and get the subject to face a window. The baby in this shot was being lit by a nearby window that was letting a stream of soft light fill the room.

The camera was using a shutter speed of 1/125th second. That is fast enough to stop camera shake. It wasn't fast enough to stop subject movement, though. The solution? I shot lots. Clearly at the moment this picture was taken, the little baby wasn't moving.

Luck and a long lens delivered this successful picture.

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