Monday, April 13, 2015

See more in less

Some time ago I joined a Facebook group, Abiotic Minimal Photography. Members were encouraged to post photos with a minimalist focus. I joined but before I could shoot and post many suitable images, the group folded. Why: Too much interest. You read correctly: Too much, not too little, interest. Founder Isabelle de Touchet wrote:

I am closing the group for good. I don't feel I have enough time to really run the group the way I wish to. I thank you all for all the wonderful photos . . . Much love to all.

Isabelle de Touchet is, I believe, a pseudonym. I've done some googling of the name and, although I am no closer to knowing a lot about the lady (I know some but not all that much), my journey through the labyrinth of the Internet, propelled by her name, has brought me into contact with some wonderful, imaginative art. I cannot post the images encountered. That would be wrong. The works are not mine. That said, I can post links. Please follow them. You will not be disappointed.

A Footprint of Feelings: Isabelle de Touchet
John Shelton photo
BehiƧ Alparsa photo
Erika Nagy photo
Artopho Group

I'm going to stop here. You can click the links as well as I can. The last link I gave is simply the best. I love the shot by Erika Nagy and when I search for more by Erika Nagy I find 40 Astounding Examples of Abstract Photography. Erika Nagy's is the last shot shown.

What was the point of this post? Inspiration. Use the Internet to inspire, to encourage, to plant the seeds of creativity in your mind. Expand your photographic horizons by learning to see more in less.

And if you'd like to know more than the minimum about Minimalism, here's a link to more: Minimalism.

It is not quite minimalism but the hunt itself led to this very nice image.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I can assure you this is my real name (Only one of me in the whole world).
    Abiotic was literally a labor of love and you are right, it was victim of its own success. I started on a whim, and it soon became a very exclusive group with a quality of minimalist images unmatched. Initially I had a partner in crime, but the last month, I was on my own administrating, moderating, designing and distributing awards... It was too much. I am glad you got to be part of the adventure. Thank you again!
    Isabelle de Touchet