Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fuji Finepix HS10

When I worked at the paper, I loved my long lenses. When Fuji announced the HS10 point and shoot with a 24mm to 720mm (equivalent) zoom lens, I knew that I had to have one --- and now I do. It is an amazing piece of equipment. I'm in awe. (Although I must admit that there is another 30Xs zoom, the other is from Panasonic and it too has gotten good reviews.)

Today I noticed a Jay at the bird feeder, grabbed my HS10 and with the lens cranked all the way out, I shot the bird through the dirty, kitchen window. I have cropped the image but not resized it. I saved it as a medium quality jpeg but I did not apply any sharpening. Oh, and I tweaked the levels in Photoshop and hit the image with a little saturation. These are bad habits left from my years of enhancing image files for their eventual printing on newsprint.

I can't wait to shoot some stuff without a dirty kitchen window in front of the lens.

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