Saturday, July 2, 2011

Texture, and more, makes this picture

This weed, captured going to seed, is amazing: The big, gossamer-like balls are magical. You cannot go wrong taking a picture like this. The thing to remember is to get close. Fill the viewfinder with the texture that attracted your eye and excited you visually. You want people to see this weed as you did. Force them. Don't show too much. Don't give them the chance to miss the picture since you didn't.

The image works for me for lots of reasons:

  • 1 - texture (The soft, gossamer like white fluff supported on spiky struts.)
  • 2 - repetition of shapes and repetition of the size of those shapes
  • 3 - lines of direction - They are almost classic perspective lines.
  • 4 - colour (Warm toned brown works well juxtaposed the warm green background.)
  • 5 - clear centre of interest (It's actually circled with lines from all over the image leading the eye to it. This is a centre of interest that cannot be missed.)
  • 6 - tones (Dark tones at the bottom give the image visual support.)

1 comment:

  1. Another thing that makes it work is mystery. At first glance, I couldn't even classify the subject as animal, mineral, or vegetable. It could have been a peacock's tail reflected in a pond. Or it could have been an unusual piece of quartz. But that it is a beautiful view of a weed gone to seed is what makes this one really special.