Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little story additions make a big difference

Click on image to see expanded view.
What makes one picture better than an other? Clearly colour, composition, subject matter and quality of the image all enter into the equation. One often ignored quality is story telling. The richer the story told, the better the picture.

I've shot a lot of pictures of bees but I have never been able to show the pollen carrying sack as clearly as I did with today's image. For me the burst of colour, the placement of the bee, the clarity of the image and the story-telling mass of pollen carried on this bee's leg all work to make this one of my best bee images ever.


  1. I like it. The detail of the bee and the pollen nails it. That is the story!

  2. I'm glad you could tell me why, because I couldn't have told you :) - but yes, this photo 'speaks', so much more than others of similar subject.
    I love the color and texture of the flower to begin with, but most pictures of bees I do my level best to look away from. This one I find fascinating - not only the sack, but the dusting of pollen on the hairs, etc. Neat!