Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moments captured

When I told my four-year-old granddaughter that I had earned my living taking pictures, she was amazed. "Gug got paid to take pictures!" she exclaimed. She thought a moment before declaring, "I'm a photographer, too. I take pictures."

She does take pictures and lots. She has been taking pictures now for about a year. I rather like some of the stuff she grabs. For the shot of the family sitting around the table after Sunday dinner, Fiona got down quite low and steadied the camera by bracing herself on the oh-so-solid table.

There are lessons here for everyone.

  • Available light is a nicer light than on-camera flash.
  • In low light situations, brace the camera to lesson camera shake.
  • Moments captured will be great images in the future. Much nicer than say-cheese snaps.
  • Point and shoots, like those in the S-series from Canon, benefit from the fast f/2.0 aperture at wide-angle.
  • Shoot lots. With today's SD cards there is no excuse not to shoot a lot and no flash means minimal bother to your subjects.

Now, get out there and shoot like a four-year-old.

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