Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kingsmill's department store closing, video at six

Paper covering the windows at Kingsmill's is removed prior to the store opening.

After 148 years the Kingsmill's department store in downtown London, Ontario, is closing its doors. This was big news in London and in the local media, both print and television.

I watched in amazement as one of the TV crews shot exterior shots for the on-air coverage. They shot a lot of their interior stuff before the store opened and then they left the store and crossed the street. Well away from any action they put their camera up on a tripod and grabbed some exterior shots.

It looked like they were capturing some pretty boring stuff. I shook my head with a mix of disgust and disbelief.

Years ago I got a degree in film from Ryerson in Toronto. I learned that one should shoot video for TV with some of the same goals as one would shoot a movie.

First, tell a story. Each shot should serve to advance the narrative. Next, strive for visual interest in each shot. Ideally, you are shooting fantastic stills at the rate of 24 frames per second. And don't overlook action.

For instance, when the paper was removed from the windows, that was a moment worth capturing. One would have to be quick to grab an overall shot, a medium shot and some quick close-ups of the action but it would be worth it. It would make a great little video moment.

The action of the store employees preparing for the opening could be contrasted with the patient waiting of the small crowd waiting for the doors to open. Done right, this would add a little tension to the piece.

Oh well, the television folk that I watched appeared to want nothing more than to shoot some on-air filler. Sad.

The number of shoppers swelled in the moments before the store opening.

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