Monday, September 15, 2014

No selfie necessary; I had a 5-year-old handy

It was a great party and the perfect time to take a selfie but I didn't. I handed my camera to my five-year-old granddaughter and ask her to grab a quick shot. Somehow the fact that this is a moment captured by my granddaughter adds immensely to this photo.

But, the above wasn't the only picture she captured that day. Earlier she grabbed what was easily one of my favourite pictures from the event -- a celebration of an upcoming marriage -- she got a fine picture of the young bride, overcome with emotion, being hugged by her oh-so-camera-shy husband to be.

I wish I'd taken that picture but I couldn't. Fiona had gotten her hands on my little point and shoot and wasn't relinquishing ownership. There were pictures to be taken and she wanted to take 'em.

"Gugga, you can use your big camera," she told me. Then she knelt down on one knee and fired away with my little Canon PowerShot S90 which she had claimed for her own.

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