Saturday, May 16, 2015

Seeing through another's eyes

Clearly, it is not possible to truly see through another's eyes but, that said, it is possible to be inspired by the vision of others. My image today is a good example of this.

My two-year-old granddaughter, Isla, absolutely loves birds: all birds. But, the little yellow finches that gather at our bird feeder are among her favourites. At this time of year, the birds will flit over to the nearby magnolia tree from the all too busy feeder. A little finch doesn't have to fight for a perch in the magnolia tree; there are ample perches for all.

I hadn't really paid attention to this and if one doesn't pay attention the moment will pass. The magnolia is only in bloom for a very brief period in the spring. There are only a few days to catch the shot. Isla made me see this and I thank her for it.

There is no shame in taking inspiration from others. One must simply give others the credit they are due. Many folk are shocked and dismayed to discover a favourite artist took inspiration from another. They write off the work as derivative: a copy. And sometimes, they are right. But, as often as not, the latest work is not a copy but a new take on an old song, a new twist to an old story, a new and glorious work of art reflecting on another, and very inspirational, piece of art.

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